Why You Should Visit

BExpo Essentials provides an exceptional opportunity to discover and connect with a wide variety of businesses from across the region in one place, offering a whole range of different products and services.

There's something for everyone! As well as loads to keep business visitors happy.

Everyone is welcome and BExpo is FREE to visit.

What's at BExpo for Businesses?

Come and connect directly with other businesses from in and around North Notts.

Look out for the brilliant free Seminars from our leading Keynote Speakers, Steve Harrison, who will inspire, motivate and give you lots of ideas that you can take away and use to help your business grow.

Do not underestimate the impact of not attending BExpo Essentials. There will be many key decision makers from local businesses attending the event, especially as it begins with the bi-monthly North Notts Envoy meeting which is renowned for its great attendance and cross boarder attendance. If you do not attend, you will have missed an opportunity of locating products or services which may allow you to grow your business, or increase your profit opportunities or revenue streams. You may have also missed a superb opportunity to meet your existing clients and increase your customer base.


As well as many of the exhibitors giving freebies away, when you arrive at BExpo you’ll receive a fabulous Goody Bag full of great goodies from all our sponsors as well as a comprehensive Exhibition Guide.

Free Competition for BExpo EXHIBITORs

A fantastic prize giveaway is available for the winner of our competition, and if you don't win you will still enjoy driving your fastest lap on the full cinema screen with surround sound!....  oh yeah!

BExpo Visitors Goody Bag

Every visitor to BExpo will receive an Exhibition Guide together with a great Goody Bag – stuffed full of fun and useful goodies from exhibitors and sponsors!


Taking place in Screen 5 we highly recommend attendance.