Alternative or Additional Extras to Having a Stand

Advert in Exhibition Brochure

1/8 page (97 x 44mm)
1/4 page (97 x 97mm)
1/2 page (97 x 200mm)
Full page (210 x 210mm)

BExpo website banner advert

Linked to your web site. Limited availability.

Goody Bag

Your literature and/or promotional items (up to 2 items in total) pre-stuffed into BExpo bags, handed out to every attendee. Limited availability.

Slide Show

Your artwork included on the rotating graphic on the Main Hall Stage projection screen. Adverts will be rotating throughout the day.

Presentation Suite Roller Banner

Your promotional banner in the Presentation Suite. These will line the walls. Limited availability. (max width 850mm).

Need a banner? See our show print price offers.

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